Holidaying with you : Carry

At this Côte Bleue campsite, it's the big arrivals day. Those who come from Belgium have driven for nearly 1000 kilometers. Head to the pitches with a sea view, at the top of the campsite. Nearby, another family has already started well. Céline, the mother, can count on her two teenagers. Sainte-Croix beach is only a few dozen meters from the campsite. Bathing in the Mediterranean has a very special flavor, the taste of a holiday just beginning. Everyone enjoys the beach, but also the small coves around, characteristic of this Côte Bleue. Sometimes, it is enough to move away a little from the shore to discover these landscapes, just a few oars strokes away. A little further, the nautical base is already full of vacationers. A paddle board ride to the creeks or an eventful session on towed buoys, all for a thrill at sea. A good dose of adrenaline, ideal to end this first day of vacation on the Blue Coast. 

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Reportage : Linda Huré, Sylvain Fargeot