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Owned by the Norwegian group HYDRO, Hydro Building Systems France provides complete customized aluminum solutions for the building envelope (facades and joinery) and markets them under three brands (TECHNAL, WICONA and SAPA). Plagued by recruitment difficulties, the client wanted the creation of an HBSF employer brand film with a priority external target for the attention of potential candidates so that they would be interested in HBSF and integrate it. The second target was internal for employees to better communicate the values ​​of the Hydro group but also those of HBSF.

This film was produced on several sites (Toulouse, Saint Raphaël and Soissons) in order to show the places of work and life of the various companies, by combining the testimonies of several employees. It has been broken down into 3 individual portraits of employees to highlight the specificity of each one.

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