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A municipal shower

Municipal showers, aka "bains-douches" : a French municipalities' public hygiene service, born at the end of the 19th century, intended for people who were not equipped with running water.

Over the years, this service has established itself both as a public health and social solidarity matter. Evidenced in the heart of Bordeaux by the Paul Bert center, a pillar of resolutely voluntary and ambitious solidarity...


Data sheet

Poster of A municipal shower

A documentary written and directed by Philippe Jamet

Production : Anne Fredon

Image : Sébastien Brisard, Jérémy Lesquelen, Antoine Laura

Sound : Jean-Jacques Vogelbach

Editing : Xavier Cabanel

Original music : Pascal Ducourtioux

With the participation of the CNC, Procirep and Angoa-Agicoa