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Brittany, the promise of the islands

On the western coast of France, where the sun sets, its territory breaks into a myriad of islands, washed by the British Channel or the Atlantic. 797 islands and is lets, of which15, the Iles du Ponant, are inhabited year-round. Islands of all sizes, small clusters in Brittany, near or far, calm or wind swept, austere or gay. All harbor sites of exceptional beauty, secret and wild corners, preserved nature, and an authentic lifestyle imbued with the rich culture of the marine world.

Our adventure begins in the spring, at the end of winter’s hibernation. It’s the turning point between the "dead season" which favors the island’s isolation, and summer, which many here refer to as "the great overflow." In the spring, activity resumes slowly, but sites are still preserved from the crowd -with time to still discover them. While nature is beingre-newed, it's here, between May and June, that the islands reveal their most beautiful wildlife and most magnificent flora. This documentary reveals the hidden face of the islands and their singularities. It highlights the authenticity that emerges from these preserved places, and explores places beyond the reach of visitors, far from the marked trails that the crowds march all summer.

We chose a group of authentic and colorful characters. Shaped and fascinated by the little insular world that surrounds them, each person of this film shares his experience with us, and gives us the keys to his intimate relationship with these archipelagos. Whether he be an inhabitant, a native returning after exile, an artist, or a sailor - each pursues a goal, and to achieve this, confides treasured island secrets to us, of which heal one holds the key.


Data sheet

Poster of Brittany, the promise of the islands

Directors : Herlé Jouon & Antoine Laura 

Producers : Grand Angle Productions 

Co-producers : France Télévisions 

Country of production : France

Year : 2014 

Format : HD

Duration : 1x110' & 2x52'