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Megafires, the big burn

The term “megafire” refers to a new phenomenon, of unprecedented scale, with devastating consequences.

These fires, capable of ravaging 5,000 hectares of forest per hour, are prompting us to urgently rethink our management of nature. Tropical, humid or boreal, none of our forests are now spared.

While researchers are just beginning to understand how they work, this documentary bears witness to a new challenge, vital for our planet.

Traditional aboriginal techniques, forestry know-how, scientific research : “megafires” require a collective mobilization, essential for a breathable future, worldwide.

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Data sheet

Poster of Megafires, the big burn

Directors : Sarah Carpentier, Stéphane Huonnic

Scientific advisor : Julien Ruffault

Narrator : Fethi Maayoufi

Soundtrack : Stéphane Peyrot

Produced by Guillaume Pérès - Grand Angle Productions

With the participation of France Télévisions, SVT, RTS, Asharq News

With the support of the CNC

Formats : HD – Stereo - 52 min