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Doug Balliett : Ovid Cantatas by Les Arts Florissants

Founded in 1979 by William Christie, "Les Arts Florissants" are one of the most acclaimed baroque music ensembles in the world.

Following New York composer, instrumentalist and poet Doug Balliett on his musical journey, they invite you to revisit some of the Greek mythology famous myths and figures.

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Data sheet

Poster of Doug Balliett : Ovid Cantatas by Les Arts Florissants

Artistes :  Doug Balliett, William Christie, Les Arts Florissants, Emmanuel Resche-Caserta, Kelsey Burnham, Lea Desandre, Manami Mizumoto, Matthew Hudgens, Myriam Rignol, Nicholas Scott, Rebecca Nelson, Robin Billet, Théotime Langlois de Swarte, Thomas Dunford

Director : Julien Jaunet

Production : Les Arts Florissants - William Christie & Les Films Jack Fébus - Laurent Lesperon, Sandra Labeyrie