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The One Mic Tales

A place, an artist, a microphone

Confronting current groups or musicians with the constraints of the 1950s recording methods, this is the challenge taken by the series "The One Mic Tales". The exercise can be understood in an acoustic version, but it takes on all its interest and difficulty in the case of amplified and electronic music.

To do this, we have a double pure silver tube amplification system created by the famous English brand Hifi Audio Note (valued at over 1 million euros). But beyond the technical constraints, this exercise also requires rewriting. Rethinking the arrangements, simplifying, purifying, that is the real challenge. It is this storytelling, this learning and the tension that comes with it that the series wishes to convey.

There is nothing more complex than simplicity. In this configuration, the musicians are the mixers. Their position, their way of singing, of interacting with the microphone defines their mix. They will have to relearn how to "play together", listen to their partners and adapt to the acoustics of the room. The goal of a recording that combines the best technologies of yesterday and today is to prove the possibility of a dialogue between these two worlds. With a ribbon microphone, pure silver cables, and analog preamps, the recording itself is of exceptional quality.

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