To reveal, testify, educate, entertain, inform, decipher... Always both on a human level and on a planetary scale, this is the ambition shared by Grand Angle Productions, Grand Angle Corporate, Les Films Jack Fébus, Antipode, la Revue Far Ouest, Fannyprod and InExVivo.


Jean-Luc Millan, Guillaume Peres, Laurent Lesperon, Hervé Corbière, Nicolas Bonnet and Sébastien Bonnefon once decided to embark on a crazy gamble to create an audiovisual regional production company, aiming at mirroring our world : complex, diverse, multicultural, fascinating, terrifying sometimes, captivating, always.


20 years later, the Ecrans Du Monde group is among the top 10 independent French groups and asserts itself as a benchmark, both regionally and beyond borders. We're still producing audiovisual programs with the same fervor for the world around us, people's life journeys, encounters and stories  we want to shine a light on and share with you.

Ecrans Du Monde

Since our creation, we've been working relentlessly with our partners - authors, directors, television channels, broadcasters and festivals - in the service of information, both in France and internationally. TV programs, reports, documentaries, magazines, live recordings, corporate communication device… Wherever our choices lead us, we strive to develop intense and varied projects.

Through the eclecticism and audacity of our shootings, enabling particular writings and bringing outstanding characters to the screen, we produce committed audiovisual programs. While cultivating both our capacities for wonder and indignation, our productions aim at discovering and reflecting our world's diversity - from local wonders to international challenges and paradoxes.

As an independent group based in Bordeaux, Paris and Marseille, bringing together several audiovisual production companies, Ecrans Du Monde produces more than 200 hours of programs per year with experienced production teams – including producers, production managers, authors, journalists, editors, cinematographers, sound engineers, creative talents, graphic designers, motion designers and so on.

Passionate about our craft, we put our technical know-how at your projects’ service, bringing our advice and transversal skills to many formats and media : feature documentaries, collections, recordings, broadcasts, corporate and institutional films, advertisements, motion design, interactive content, museography, etc.


A growing group

Since 1995, Grand Angle Productions has enforced its identity and vocation through films and ambitious documentary collections, mainly focusing on History, Society, Maritime and Discovery themes. A work awarded in many festivals, worldwide.

A conception and spirit that also drive the digital audiovisual production services dedicated to companies and institutions, provided by Grand Angle Corporate : films, journalistic reports, brand content, interviews, motion design, drone services, event recording, live broadcasting...

In 2008, our thirst for openness and search for synergies led us to create an international film distribution department : GAD.

In 2009, Les Films Jack Fébus and Inexvivo joined the group, with a catalog of programs carrying a cultural and heritage vocation - being already respectively distinguished in concert recordings and medical animated films for children.


In 2012, Antipode, press agency specialized in documentaries and investigative magazines, joined the group to complete our expertise.

In 2019, La Revue Far Ouest joined Ecrans Du Monde as an independent and ad-free media. Its web platform proposes a wide range of multimedia stories, exploring the Nouvelle-Aquitaine's wonders.

In 2021, press and audiovisual production agency Fannyprod joined our crew. Mainly working as TF1 correspondents based in Marseille, its editorial staff, experienced journalists and cameramen provide a wide variety of reports daily.

Through its audiovisual production companies located today in Bordeaux, Paris and Marseille, Ecrans Du Monde has also strengthened its capacity with CSP +, a professional audiovisual equipment rental company owning an expanded equipment fleet - cameras, drones and all tools required to make a documentary come true.